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ShareClips Will Help You Sell More, Stand Out From The Rest & Make Your Products Go Viral!
Here's How:

Now you can take advantage of the immensely popular short form video frenzy to sell your products

Showcase Your Products In A Way That Nobody Else Is

The ShareClips App for Shopify lets you create amazing videos for your products or services that are shoppable, swipeable, shareable, and best of all - fun!

Your Customers Will Be Hooked!

Use the video links wherever you want to feature your products: social media posts, blogs and websites, SMS messages, ads, email marketing, etc.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

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The BEST Shopify App For High-Converting Social Selling

A couple clicks is all it takes to create the most amazing custom videos with shareable links that you can post anywhere you want to promote your products or services!

Showcasing Your Products In A Fun & Entertaining Way Will Be An Absolute Game Changer For Your Business

TikTok-style scroller videos have revolutionized the way people consume video. Now you can take advantage of being able to showcase your own products in the same fun and trending way!

Simply upload your product videos and the app automatically turns them into a visually stunning TikTok/Reels-style scroller format, then generates your own unique link for that video collection that you can share everywhere you want to market your items!

Sharing this simple link, rather than having to send a large video file means that you can post it virtually anywhere! Use it as a link in your social media posts, bios, taglines, email marketing, SMS marketing, and much more!

And here's the best part: Your videos are completely shoppable. Your customers can purchase your products right from your videos - by simply clicking on the Buy button - which links directly to your Shopify store's product page for an easy and seamless buying experience.

There's no better way to grab your customer's attention, get them engaged with your products or services, and get them to buy with a fun, eye-catching, and easy to use format!

Boost Your Sales With Social Proof

One of the coolest features of ShareClips is our ability to integrate with or Yotpo to import your product reviews and feature them as comments - right in your product videos.

Just like on TikTok and other popular scroller social media sites, your customers will spend countless hours scrolling through your videos and comments to see what others have to say.

Plus people can even "like" your products right on the video feed. And the like counter is cumulative, so the longer your video link is out there in the world, the more likes and social proof it will get.

It's social selling at its best!

Works Great As A Link In Your Social Media Bios

The links to your videos that ShareClips creates makes for the perfect way to use your social media bio to showcase your products.

You can always keep things fresh by updating your bio links as often as you wish and even use them to feature newly released products, holiday promotions, new product lines, and so much more!

Maximize Your Marketing With Analytics

ShareClips comes with a handy built-in Analytics feature to track your links' performance so you can see exactly how many people viewed and clicked on each link, and even track the click-through rate. This helps you test your marketing strategies and and find the winners!

Get Ahead Of The Curve & Your Competition With The Ultimate Way To Do SMS Marketing!

SMS Marketing is steadily gaining popularity and will soon be the go-to choice for the future of eCommerce marketing. Get out in front of your competition by using ShareClips to send links through SMS that feature amazing videos of your products or services. You won't have to attach large video files, just ShareClips links, making it super easy to get in front of your ideal customers where they spend most of their time - right on their mobile devices!

Download The App In The Shopify App Store

Links For All Your Products

You can create links that feature multiple videos of specific products, or even create a link for an entire product line, holiday sale, new release, or other promotion!

Get Valuable Social Proof

Everyone has the ability to "Like" the products in your videos. The likes are cumulative, so every time someone likes your video, the like count keeps going up!

Wake Up Your Bios

Instead of the same old links to your website, make your social media bios POP with these custom video scrollers featuring your products with a direct purchase Call To Action!


Our built-in analytics help you measure the effectiveness of every link, enabling you to test different links with different marketing strategies to optimize your marketing.

Plans & Pricing

Free Plan

$0 /month *
1 Link
Up to 4 products per link
Analytics Included
Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Option To Integrate Reviews w/Comments

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Premium Plan

$9.99 /month *
10 Links
Up to 15 products per link
Analytics Included
Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Option To Integrate Reviews w/Comments
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Ultimate Plan

$29.99 /month *
50 Links
Up to 20 products per link
Analytics Included
Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Option To Integrate Reviews w/Comments
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*Subscription required through your Shopify store. Cancel anytime by simply deleting the app from your store.
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What People Are Saying About Us

“ShareClips is a great tool to get your products in front of your potential customers. You can post the links generated by the app literally everywhere - like your posts on social media, in groups, in your email signature, links in your YouTube videos. I'm still discovering new places to post them!”

CEO, DoggoPoster

“Trust me when I say that ShareClips is amazing! There's no doubt that scrollers are the new trend, so why not market your products that way. It's a no-brainer.”

Marketing Mgr.

“I love how easy ShareClips is to use. I'm always changing up the products in my videos and testing which links perform the best. The built in analytics feature really helps to know what's working for me and my business.”

Shopify Store Owner